Call for Abstracts - Environmental Ethics & Human Values across Cultures 2019
International Scientific Conference on Sustainability – 8th of April 2019

International Scientific Conference on Sustainability – 8th of April 2019


Theme:                Environmental Ethics & Human Values across Cultures

Date:                    8th of April 2019

Venue:                Budapest Business School (BGE); Diósy Lajos u. 22-24, 1165


“Sustainability” is more than just a buzzword. It is a concept that deeply concerns humanity and the continuity of our planet. We all have an obligation to not only raise our awareness of the global challenges that we all face today, we also ought to actually try do something about them, no matter how small those steps may be in our immediate communities.

Last year, this international scientific conference was hosted with great success at Budapest Business School (BGE). Now, we intend to build on that accomplishment and continue to present different aspects and perspectives to sustainable development, clearly highlight the latest challenges in that regard, and openly discuss possible solutions to address them.

We hereby invite (and strongly encourage!) all students from all disciplines to participate in this scientific conference. For those students looking to secure their very first publication, or possibly another one, this conference presents you with great opportunity to do so. The best academic papers are likely to be published soon after the conference, thanks to the sponsorship of Budapest Business School (BGE).

Please complete the (1) online form AND (2) attach your abstract (200-300 words) with 4-5 keywords on/before 28 February 2019 (23:59 CET).


The link can be found here:


Other important deadlines:

31 March 2019 (initial paper with minimum 2000 words, excluding references/bibliography); and

29 April 2019 (final paper with minimum 3000 words, excluding references/bibliography).


We look forward to your participation!


Conference organisers: BBS FIMB/KKK and Youth Enrichment Society (YES).



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