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Informations about The Professional Practice

  for the students of full-time study, Tourism and Hotel Specialization (BSc)

(2013/2014. academic year, spring semester)


1.      The period and premilinaries of the Professional Practice

The students of Bachelor of Art in Tourism and Hospitality, Tourism and Hotel Specialization have to achieve their continuous 960 hours professional practice at the 6th semester, from the 27th January 2014 till 31th of August 2014. (It means 6 months/120 days in the case of 8 work hours per day.)

The professional practice has 4 necessary preliminary subjects, which the students have to fulfill before the beginning of the internship.

These are:

  • Basic in Hotel Operations/
  • Basic Studies in Gastronomy/
  • Restaurant service/
  • Tour Operation I. /

In the lack of these subjects, the students are not allowed to begin the internship, their registration at the Neptun will be canceled (The students have to signed a declaration which says that they fulfilled every needed subjects. – This document can be found at the website of the Carrier Bureau.)

Previous work experience can’t be accepted as professional practice.

 2.      The aims of the Professional Practice

The most important goals of the professional practice are to reinforce the academic studies through exposure to and involvement within the operations of a functioning hotel, catering or tourism organization. To provide the students with an opportunity to apply and extend their theoretical knowledge in practice, giving a basis for further academic studies and for preparing their Thesis.

At the frame of this, the students should have to get acquainted with the tourism businesses:

  • types and organization of the firms/enterprises
  • different monitoring and inspection bodies, the connections between them
  • operational system/process of hotels, travel agencies; workflows
  • Improve their personal skills, like:
  • encouraging their vocational aspirations
  • improving interpersonal, communication and logical reasoning skills
  • developing creativity of the students
  • learning how to work as a member of a team

Regarding these requirements, the students are able to fulfill the professional practice at the following areas:

 At the hotel industry, where they can:

  • work at the front office division (reception, casa) or at the room division
  • make contact with the workers of the room division
  • get acquainted with the sales operation of the hotel
  • communicate with the guests – using foreign language knowledge

 At the Restaurant (Hotel) division, where they can:

  • get acquainted with the methods of sales and try them in practice,
  • contact with the productive units
  • realize guest relation
  • get to know the billing, invoicing process

If it is possible, the students have to know two of the three divisions (front office, room and restaurant). The students can work in a rotation system between the divisions of the hotel, if it is needed.

A simple catering organization can’t be accepted as practical placement (JUST AT A HOTEL).

Travel agencies where the students have to get acquainted with:

  • the business types of the travel sector
  • the process of product compilation and price calculation; sale of the products (f.e. trip compilation, booking accommodation)
  • the operation of the on-line booking systems

 Event organization where the students have to get acquainted with:

  • the operation of the company
  • the organization of the events (preparation, price calculation, process of the event, etc.) and take part in it

 3.      Choosing of the place:

If the students fulfilled all the necessary preliminary subjects, they have the right to begin the professional practice. The students have to find for themselves a sufficient company/firm where they can achieve the internship.

 The types of the places:

  • Quarters (hotel, pension, camping etc.)
  • Tour operation firms, agencies
  • Professional unions, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations (MT Zrt., Tourinform, MSzÉSz, FATOSZ etc.)
  • Event organization firms

 There are two possible ways. The first one is when the students find ALONE a sufficient place – regarding the requirements are presented above. In this case, the place has to be endorsed by the Tourism Department! (The Department monitors the company on the basis of vocational and legal aspects.)

The students have to take care of the followings:

  • discuss the work conditions (workload, place of the work, job position)
  • arrange the wages (amount, the mode of the payment etc.) – minimum the 60% of the minimum wages per month (Ftv. 48§ (3) indention)
  • discuss the possibilities of accommodation, if not work in their living area

The second way, is when the students apply to a company/firm which have been monitoring already by the Tourism Department. The Department is in connection with a lot of companies of the tourism industry like the Accor-Pannonia and the Danubius hotel chain, the Neckermann travel agency etc. The positions of these firms are advertised by the Tourism Department and The Carrier Burreau (can be seen on the notice boards). BUT the exact details of workload, wages etc. have to be discussed by the students also!! 

The students have the right to fulfill their internship abroad. The process of choosing the place of the professional practice is the same. The students can find a sufficient company alone or can apply the positions have been advertised by the Department. The latter f.e The Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs (USA), and the study exchange programme of the thai Rajabhat University.

The visa administration, permit of residence and work, the health and accident insurance have to be arranged by the students!!

 NOTE: The students have the possibility to do their industrial placement at two different places! In this case, the administration of the professional practice have to be reduplicated, and the last work day of the first place and the first work day of the second place have to follow each other!!

4.      Needed documents:

 4.1.Confirmation of Acceptance

The Confirmation of Acceptance has to be filled and signed by the representative of the company and the student. After that, the students have to submit it at the Tourism Department, which endorse it. In the lack of the Confirmation of Acceptance the professional practice can’t be started!

 4.2.Cooperation Agreement (Appendix 8/A):

The Cooperation Agreement (in three original copies) is concluded between the College and the company. The Cooperation Agreement has to be signed by the company first, with original signature (blue) and seal! (The scanned version is not accepted!) After receiving the three copies of it, the students have to submit them to the Carrier Burreau (Alkotmány street I. floor, room 123.), who monitors it and then make it signed by the dean of the College. (One copy is for the College, one copy for the company and one copy for the students.)

NOTE: The Cooperation Agreement has to be concluded before the beginning of the professional practice. In the lack of the Cooperation Agreement the professional practice can’t  be started! Without the original signature (blue) and seal the agreement will not be approved. 

The students have to sign the Confirmation of the Preliminary Subjects, which says, that they fulfilled the needed preliminary subjects until the beginning of the professional practice.

If the students do their internship abroad, the Confirmation of Liability Insurance has to be signed. In this document the students declare that health, safety and other liability insurances will be taken out by themselves and for their own cost.

 The forms of the documents can be downloaded from the website of the Carrier Burreau in Hungarian and English language.

Date of submission: 13th December 2013. (Friday)

5.      Changing the Place of the Professional Practice:

If it is reasonable, the students can change the place of the professional practice. In this case they have to request the change in writing, annex the Confirmation of Annulment and Training Manager’s report from the first place and the new Confirmation of Acceptance! The new place has to be endorsed by the Tourism Department! The documents have to be submitted to the Carrier Burreau.

6.      Finishing the Professional practice:

After finishing the professional practice, the students have to submit the Training Manager’s Report (filled and signed by the student’s training manager at the placement); a list of queries about the company (Document of Classification of placements) and the Professional Practice Report, validated by the Dissertation Consultant (he or she signs the Confirmation of Consultant).  The Confirmation of Consultant can be downloaded from the website of the Carrier Burreau.

The documents mentioned above, (Training Manager’s Report, Document of Classification of placements, Professional Practice Report, Confirmation of Consultant) have to submit at the Carrier Bureau.

Date of submission: 12th September 2014. (Friday), 12.00 a.m.

(After the deadline, the submission is possible only in exchange of extra procedure fee, until 19th September 2014.)

 The formal requirements of the report:

  • the length of the report is minimum 10 pages, (2500 words) line spacing 1.5 (Font size 12). (Two page form can be printed)
  • the value of the report can increase with tables, graphs, photographs, but they are not included into the length of the report! (They can be annexed.)
  • Binding the report at the upper left corner – do not use spiral or splint.

The content requirements of the report:


  • the general description of the host organization’s mission, location, buildings, equipments, size, all available market information etc.
  • the description of the host organization’s areas of activity
  • the description of the host organization’s role in the domestic and international market. Advantages, disadvantages. The product of the organization can be sold or not, why? etc.
  • the examination of the clientele’s characteristics, in several ways (age structure, nationality, interest, length of stay, average spending)
  • Do the host organization’s services meet the requirements of the current market, clientele's expectations?
  • If the host organization is a member of an international chain, what kind of requirements does it mean for them? How they made it? What advantages or disadvantages does this mean for them?
  • Description of activities and tasks performed by the students.
  • The students proposals, evaluation on the basis of their experience.
  • The students’ own opinion have to be included into the report.

 If the students perform their professional practice at two host institutes, they have to submit two Training Manager’s Report and two Professional Practice Report too (minimum 10-10 pages)!

   The cover page:

Professional Practice Report

(The name of the company)


Neptun code:

Bachelor of Art in Tourism and Hospitality

                                                                       Tourism and Hotel Specialization

Full time study



 If you have any questions related to the professional practice, please contact Réka Berczellyné Szilágyi assistant of Tourism Department (Room 207, Alkotmány street, or the colleagues of the Carrier Burreau (phone: 06/1-301-3441 or

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